Early reflection

Just getting into this course in the learner’s shoes is an extremely valuable exercise and I recommend it for everyone. As I work through the course I find it takes a lot of cognitive RAM to keep in mind the different components that are peppered throughout the course. Being a resource rich constructivist learning environment, not much is spoonfed and where this does occur, it’s more or less where it fits, without a central narrative linking all the pieces together. At least not as I can see. So we need to bring our own narratives to the table or develop one as we go. It takes patience, organization and some understanding of this particular learning environment.

The practice of being a “learner” the first week and to some extent a “facilitator” makes sense in that it allows us to get into the latter role with the former fresh in our minds. I need to think more about how we can encourage ongoing and shared leadership among students by having them “flip” like this. In a way it requires a jump from a constructivist to a cognitive approach, back and forth. Wondering if that makes sense…but I’ll just float that anyway.

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